The latest stop on your next great brewery crawl has to be the new kid on the block in Jeffrey's Bay, where you can sample straight from the source.

Like most craft breweries, we started off as a home brewer before graduating into a fully established brew house. To get to our eclectic bar, you first walk through the part where all the action happens, giving you a sneak peak into the operations of a working brewery, from start to finish.

Once you are past the gleaming tanks of fermenting happiness, you can get down to the serious business of beer tasting. Sitting at our bar, you can be confident that your next draft is only a few steps away and direct from the source.




a straw to medium blonde ale with a moderate bitterness and maltiness

an easy, all day ale, light in taste and alcohol

Irish Red

a well balanced, slightly bitter and creamy ale, with a deep reddish or copper colour

 heavy bodied, yet an easy drinking ale, with a roasted barley undertone 

Amber Weiss

a hoppy, full bodied pale ale, with a popular bitter taste

light, golden colours, with a heavier alcohol content, a favorite thirst quencher

Patensie Weiss

 this is a pale ale, a hoppy beer style, subtly infused with orange and orange rind undertones

lovely rich golden colours, full of flavour with a bold balance 


Cherry Cider
a tart, apple based cider, slightly sour, gently infused with seasonal berries
Berry Cider
a sweet, apple based berry cider with distinct undertones of rum and raisin
Gin & Tonic
G&T on tap, a refreshing, light, easy all-day-long drink, with its predominant juniper berry flavour


Brewery On The Beach Artisanal Food

Dirty Dog
Knackwurst and Chorizo slices with our home-made tomato onion relish and sauerkraut, served on a whole-wheat bun. It all gets topped off with a good sprinkle of white cheddar.
R 85.00
Brewery Bun
Sliced Bockwurst, Knackwurst, Kaase Griller and Chorico, served with a sweet marmalade sauce, Dijon mustard and pan fried sun-dried tomatoes, on a fresh Panini bread.
R 87.00
Garlic Open Sandwich
Peppered Ham, or Pastrami, served on a slice of seeded bread with fresh garlic, tomato onion relish, basil pesto, and topped off with Mozzarella cheese.
R 75.00



Our Country Cheese Platter
A mix of locally produced artisanal country cheeses served with our delicious home-made chicken liver, and crispy Melba toast
R 110.00
Deep Fried Camembert
and Brie
Crumbed Camembert and Brie, deep fried to perfection, served sliced smoked sausage wedges, pan-fried, and Melba toast.
R 80.00
Country Cheese
and Meat Platter
Smoked sausage, sliced and pan-fried, with sweet paprika roast potatoes, combined with a selection of locally produced cheeses and pickles.
R 125.00
Four Sausage Platter
Four different pan-fried smoked sausages, with mustard, basil pesto and our home-made relish, and topped off with either smoked Paprika roast potatoes or potato chips.
R 55.00
Fried Potato and Sausage Snack
Choose between our smoked Paprika roast potato or potato chips, served with a pan-fried sausage
R 55.00
Light Potato Snack
Choose between our smoked Paprika roast potato or potato chips for a light snack, or something for the kids.
R 20.00